Kit #605050 fits 2014-2024 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4/4×2 Lift Kit – 3.5″ Front 2″ Rear


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This is our new 605050 kit, which fits the new Ram 2500 4×4/4×2. 

Fits: 2014-2024 Ram 2500 4×4/4×2 with coil spring rear axle

605050 instructions

It is an exciting kit that is first on the market! This kit uses radius arm drop brackets and spring spacers to lift your truck without changing the ride. The radius drop brackets make sure the caster is at factory levels so that the truck drives straight – not all over the road like lesser designs.

In the rear we use the largest coil spacer that we have ever built, to work perfectly with the new Ram coil spring rear suspension.

Up to 37″ tires will fit with this kit. 

No cutting, drilling or modification is required on the truck. The kit can be removed and the truck returned to stock if desired.


• Front: 3.5″

• Rear: 2″

• Allows for up to 37” Tires on Stock Wheels

• Professional install time: 3 hours +

• Designed to retain the stock ride quality

• Aftermarket shocks are NOT required

• Alignment specs included



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