FAQ / Traxda Policies

Have an issue that you need fixed? Check the FAQ below, or you can contact us and we’ll get you squared away!

Have an issue that you need fixed? Check the FAQ below, or you can contact us and we’ll get you squared away!

  • We are based out of Tucson, Arizona in the United States. We ship most domestic packages through FedEx or USPS, and internationally via USPS exclusively. The further you live from Arizona, the longer your package may take to arrive.
  • Traxda is closed on weekends, holidays, and other rare occasions. If we have excessive wait times for a product, we will contact you.
  • If you have an issue or concern about a delivery, please contact your local post office or courier.
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Order Changes & Cancellations

Cancel an Order

  • If your order has not yet been fulfilled, we can cancel your order and process a complete refund to your original payment method. To submit an order cancellation request, please contact us.
  • We unfortunately cannot cancel orders once they have shipped. You may want information on a return instead.

Change an order’s shipping method

  • If your order has not yet been shipped and you’d like to change the shipping service, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist!

Change an order’s shipping address

  • If your order has not yet shipped and you need to correct or alter your shipping address, please contact us with your complete updated address so we can help!
  • In most cases it’s not necessary to cancel an order to change the shipping address. This may only be necessary in the case of very wrong addresses, for example if the country is wrong so you’ve ended up with domestic shipping instead of international.

Change an order’s billing address, or billing method

  • We cannot change the billing address or billing method once your order is placed. If there’s a small error in your billing address but the payment has cleared, no need to worry! Everything should be good.

Custom Order

  • We’re more than happy to build our parts to fit your needs. However, all custom orders must be placed through email. Contact us for more information.
  • Please note – custom lift kit orders must be prepaid in full, and cannot be refunded once production has started.

Remove items from an order

  • If your order has not yet shipped and you need to remove an item (or items), but don’t want to cancel the whole thing, we can help! Contact us.

Add items to an order

  • Unfortunately, we cannot add items to an order once it has been placed. You’ll need to place a separate order, or we can cancel your order so you can place a new single order with everything you’d like included. If you need to cancel your order for this reason, just contact us for further assistance.

Combine two or more orders

  • Unfortunately, due to technical limitations we cannot combine multiple orders placed separately. However, we can package your parts together, if none of your orders have shipped yet. Contact us for assistance!

I had a problem with my billing information my order was not completed successfully, but there’s a charge on my bank account!

  • Sorry to hear that! If your order was not completed successfully and you were not provided with an order number, it’s likely that payment has not been collected and what you’re seeing on your statement is an authorization hold. This should expire and be refunded to your account after a few days. This typically happens when an order fails completely due to payment problems, but you may sometimes see an additional authorization hold if you make an initial failed payment attempt with one payment method followed by a successful payment through a different method.
  • If you did receive an order number and have been charged, but have not received an order confirmation email, it’s possible you’re having trouble receiving our emails or you may have input the wrong email address during checkout. If your order confirmation isn’t hiding in a spam folder, please feel free to contact us with your order number so we can make sure your contact information is correct.

Restock information

  • If or when a product will be restocked varies from product to product! If there’s no restock date on the product’s store page and you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

Returns & Exchanges

Processing a Return

  • If you received an incorrect or damaged item, you don’t need to process a return: instead, please see the ‘Received wrong item’ or ‘Received damaged or defective item’ FAQ sections.
  • You can return your products to Traxda for a refund for any reason. You have up to 30 days to send it back, and we accept returns that have been installed. We can only refund the cost of the item; we will not refund the cost of shipping. You will need to pay the shipping costs for your return.
  • We do not accept returns on special orders or custom kits.

Processing an Exchange

  • We’re happy to offer exchanges!
  • For an exchange, please contact us within 365 days of when your order shipped. You will need to pay the shipping costs for your exchange.

Shipping Problems & Information

How much does it cost to ship to my country?

  • Your shipping options and fees will vary based on location. Please send an email with your full address to sales@traxda.com, so we can get you quotes for FedEx and USPS shipping. We’re also more than happy to use a label you provide if you’re able to get better rates!

When will my order ship?

  • During periods of normal order volume, there’s typically 1 to 3 business days fulfillment time after orders are placed before they ship.
  • Around the holidays and other busy periods, there may be an additional delay. If there’s a notable delay, we’ll send you an email letting you know once the order is placed.
  • Please note that we are closed on weekends and holidays.
  • Once your order ships, you’ll receive an email notification with your shipping information. If there’s been an unusual delay and your order hasn’t shipped out yet, please feel free to contact us with your order number for more information.

How long will my package take to arrive?

  • Transit times will depend on the size of your package and whether or not the courier is experiencing delays:
    • Domestic/US orders
      • Oversized packages ship via FedEx Ground or USPS depending on what is fastest and most affordable for your shipping address. These packages usually arrive in 2 – 6 days.
      • Standard packages ship Flat Rate FedEx and USPS. These packages usually arrive in 2 – 3 days after being shipped.
      • Overnight shipping is available
    • International Orders
      • FedEx International packages usually have a transit time of 2-5 days, but we cannot guarantee delivery times.

Received wrong item

  • Sorry about that! Please contact us with your order number and a photo the item you received in error and we’ll be able to sort things out.

Something missing from order

  • Sometimes orders are shipped in separate packages. You’ll be able to tell because you’ll receive separate shipping confirmation emails.
  • If an item is marked as included in a package and is not, or if it is not shipped at all, please contact us and we’ll get the missing item shipped out as soon as possible!

Received damaged or defective item

  • If you receive a product which has been damaged during shipment, or has a defect, please contact us within 30 days of when your order shipped with your order number and a photo of the issue and we’ll be able to assist with a refund or replacement.

Package is marked as delivered, but I have not received it

  • Your local postal or delivery service may have accidentally delivered the package to the wrong apartment, neighbor, or front desk or mailroom (if applicable). You may want to check with those places first, and then give your local post office a call (as they may be holding the package). Please review your provided shipping address as well to see if there are any errors, or omissions of details such as an apartment number.
  • Packages typically turn up within about a week, but it is also possible that it may have gotten lost in the mail, or potentially stolen. Please note shipping fees are non-refundable once an order has shipped. If none of these steps help and your package doesn’t turn up within a week of when it was marked as delivered, please contact us.

Package is marked as delivered to Tucson, Arizona, and I don’t live there

  • It’s likely your package has been returned to sender, as Traxda is located in Tucson and being returned to sender is often treated as a delivery in tracking.
  • Please see the “package is being returned to sender” section for more information.

Package is being returned to sender

  • Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons your package may have been returned to sender by the carrier. The most common reasons are problems with the shipping address rendering the package undeliverable (for example, the omission of an apartment number), or for international orders in particular the package being held for collection and not being picked up before the collection period expires.
  • If your package is being returned to sender, please contact us and we’ll be able to arrange a re-shipment or refund of the items (we do not process refunds for the shipping fee). Please note that you will need to pay shipping fees for a re-shipment. If we’ve already received the Return to Sender package, we may already have emailed you to let you know!

Shipping Policies

  • We are based out of Tucson, AZ in the United States. We ship most packages through the USPS or FedEx. The further you live from Arizona, the longer your package may take to arrive.
  • Traxda is closed on weekends, holidays, and other rare occasions.
  • We cannot guarantee specific delivery dates, and we do not offer refunds for shipping fees if packages are delivered later than expected. If you’re in a hurry to receive an order, please contact us and we’ll do our best to get it shipped off ASAP!

International Shipping

  • We ship international orders to almost anywhere in the world! Here’s an explanation of our international shipping classes:
    • FedEx International Priority and FedEx International Economy are more expensive, very fast, and offer detailed door-to-door tracking. These packages usually have a time-in-transit after shipping of 2-5 days, but we cannot guarantee delivery times. The cost typically includes customs and duty so this may help avoid hidden fees when your package arrives. Packages sent this way are signature-required and cannot be sent to PO boxes. Priority is a little more expensive and slightly faster.
    • USPS is inexpensive, medium-to-slow speed and includes tracking. These packages usually arrive within 2 – 6 weeks. This shipping class is usually very reliable. USPS will normally utilize your local postal service, but for some countries they may hand off the package to another courier. Please refer to USPS’ tracking website to see who will be handling the final delivery of your package.

Split Shipping

  • If an order contains a preorder or an item that takes longer to build, the order will only ship when all items are ready. (Please order items separately if you would like your other items sooner.)
  • Larger orders may be split shipped into two packages if the contents of the order don’t easily fit together, they might damage each other in transit, or the shipping costs are cheaper compared to one package.
  • If you’ve got any questions, concerns, or would like your items faster, email us at Sales@Traxda.com

WARNING: If your order is lost in transit, we will re-ship it once at no charge or offer a refund for the cost of the merchandise. If it goes missing twice, we will not replace it a second time, as this indicates an issue with the address or the local delivery service. The best way to prevent lost or returned orders is to ensure your address is correctly formatted, is not missing any apartment or unit numbers, and to make sure that it isn’t waiting for a customs payment.

Damaged Items

  • Items do not fit or are otherwise reasonably damaged are eligible for a replacement or refund.
  • If you’ve received a damaged item, please contact us within 30 days of when your order shipped for assistance.  Also, if you can, please provide a clear photo of the damage on the product you received.
  • If an item is damaged past the return window, it is still eligible for replacement under our limited lifetime warranty as long as it is not a wear/tear item.
  • Standard flat rate shipping is covered for all replacements.


  • Pre-orders are charged at the time of purchase, not when the order ships. Some pre-orders may be required to be ordered separately from other items. If you need to cancel or change a pre-order, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • If an order contains a preorder item, unless otherwise noted, the order will only ship when all items are ready. Please order preorder items separately if you would like your other items sooner.

General Policies

Traxda reserves the right to update and change this Shipping / Return Policy from time to time without notice.

Any written agreement, contract, or invoice supersedes these general website terms if provided.

Traxda, in its sole discretion, has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future purchases, or any other service from us, for any reason at any time, including no reason. Examples of possible reasons include:

  • Violations of this Shipping / Return Policy, including violations of a products with a per-customer limit.
  • Chargebacks.
  • Fraud and other illegal acts.
  • Verbal, physical, written or other abuse (including threats of abuse or retribution) of any Traxda customer, partner, employee, or officer.

Where applicable, we may not provide a full refund for suspended or terminated accounts or orders. For example, if we rendered some non-refundable services or products to you.

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your optional account and password on Traxda. Traxda cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage from your failure to comply with this security obligation.

The failure of Traxda to exercise or enforce any provision of this Shipping / Return Policy shall not constitute a waiver of such provision. No waiver by Traxda of any breach of this Shipping / Return Policy shall be a waiver of any preceding or succeeding breach. No waiver by Traxda of any provision under this Shipping / Return Policy shall be construed as a waiver of any other provision. Unless otherwise stated, a waiver by Traxda of any provision of this Shipping / Return Policy shall only be on a per-order basis, and the full Shipping / Return Policy shall be enforced for any preceding or subsequent order.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our products are warranted to be free from material and workmanship defects. We back our products for the entire time you own your truck. This warranty is not transferrable to subsequent owners of the truck. We do not warranty the product installation or any wear items (bushings, sway bar end links, etc.) only the product. The warranty is to repair or replace any warrantable item that is defective.

If you feel that our product has failed, contact us with a photo of the product and we will evaluate the item and determine if the warranty applies. 

Our liability is limited only to the value of the product purchased. Effective costs include, but are not limited to: labor fees, loss of use, loss of time, rental car or freight charges are not covered. Any item that has been altered or incorrectly installed is not covered. Product finish and any wear item are not covered under this warranty. No other warranties are expressed or implied.


There are only a handful of instances in which our customers have to pay taxes or additional fees beyond our shipping costs:

  • Residents of some US states may be required to pay sales taxes.
  • Some of our shipping methods internationally are considered to be shipped “DDU”, which means we do not pay customs or duties and you may be charged this to receive your order. You have to pay these fees when you get your package, so please be aware of your country’s tax policy before you order. We cannot mark shipments as gifts. Traxda is not responsible for any additional taxes, fees, logistics, or other additional charges required by your local government or delivery service to receive your package.

Please note that our office is closed (and therefore we’re not around to chat or answer emails) on weekends.