902031 – Toyota Rav4 PRIME lift kit with subframe drops


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This is the 902030 kit updated to work with the Prime platform. The Prime has different transmission mounts and bolts, this kit has been changed to reflect that.

Works with Prime and Hybrid; does NOT work with other versions of Rav4 see 902030 for other Rav4 trim levels.

This kit is designed to work with the Prime version of the Rav4 –  equipped with stock or aftermarket springs like Eibach or Dendoff .

Vehicles pictured here have Dendoff heavy duty Rav4 coils in them or Eibach springs, in addition to the Traxda lift kit. 

We designed the kit with particular attention paid to the CV angles and how the driving dynamics are on and off road.

We lowered both front and rear subframes, relocate the motor and transmission mounts, lower the rear subframe, extend the shocks and brace the rear as well.

With just the Traxda kit installed you will get 2 inches front and rear lift, and if you put the aftermarket coils in (Dendoff or Eibach) then you will get 3 inches front and 4 rear with no compromise in suspension feel, and no vibration from the CV axles.

What’s included


As always, everything is made in Tucson using locally sourced USA steel and we build it all ourselves.

Shipping time currently is about 7 days

Made in the USA

Traxda builds everything but the nuts bolts and hardware in-house. We have invested heavily in US manufacturing, using just-in-time processes and CNC machinery and robotic welding. We use the best materials we can source to make our lift kits, and because we manufacture it ourselves we are happy to offer custom lift combinations. Call 888-660-5892 to learn more.

  • Part number: 902031
  • Front: 2”
  • Rear: 2″
  • Allows for up to 29.5″ Tires  – blue Rav4 has 255/65-17, black Rav4 has 245/65-17 . some minor rub on front fender liner for both
  • Designed to retain the stock ride quality
  • Aftermarket shocks are NOT required
  • Alignment specs included
  • installation time 8 hours plus alignment